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Promoted by SEI (Software Engineering Institute of USA), SPIN is a proven concept of networking of professionals and sharing of best practices for the betterment of individuals, organisations and the community in the areas of Software and Systems improvement.

The success of the SPINs elsewhere in India is the motivation for starting the Kochi SPIN.

More than 100 SPINs are operational across the globe and in all major centres where there is a concentration of software and IT related professionals. Today, each SPIN is an independent organisation with their own objectives and activities, aligned to the purpose for which SPINs were created. Bangalore SPIN, Hyderabad SPIN, Chennai SPIN and Pune SPIN are the popular organisations in India.


Kochi is fast emerging as one of the top Indian cities for IT and Hi-Tech products and services development and delivery. It is felt that a forum such as SPIN would help the individuals and industry to leverage the collective experience and wisdom of people for the good of all.